GOD'S Will that we continue robbing innocent others? Initiating causeless wars? Who's asking?
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Free to the Bankster Loan Back Sucker
2010-09-21 23:26:34 UTC
911 was a Crime

"Tell a lie long enough, more people
will believe it." - or look dumb as evil.
Many crooks are titled Jewish too, sure,
but not because as such, the other way
around included crumbs,. Where to suggest all
classified "Jewish" persons (as Zionists
do) are crooks like them, the inteligent
sees the Zionist suspect squirming nakedly
as unholy Netanyaho does. While the actual
bad guys scott free with our values. TV
"Negotiate" with a crimianl State: is it
God's will that we continue robbing innocent
others? Initiating causeless wars as stealing
all rights to be free? Tyranny? The God
labeled Satanic false witness accusers, as
injustice against many to our loss who forget
why Justice really matters. It saves Peoples
lives. Where stealing is a crime, as is torture
and mass murder, given up apparently to
finally escape Bush and Cheney. Hmmm.

911 Lies

Be a Force for Good

Jesus vs. Christ: The Gospel of John

/ / There is no better proof in the absurdity of Christianity \ \
/ / The Word (Jesus/God) was capable of human emotions, \ \
/ / or so the theology teaches. \ \

These words. Man, don't be dumb son.

/ / Christ was with God in the beginning. He
knew the past. He knew the present. He knew the
future. This last feature eliminates the
possibility for Christ to be fully human. \ \

No, now. I know now. But, listen, my friends,
the writer here is a con to only his foolish
self. Anything to mock the innocent in God with
his blind blank stares, as cheating Creation with
our time to steal our Rights away, for the final
escape of Mr. Bush of 9/11 fame as he was, the
official closer of Police enquiry. Then, that we
were with him, or the terrorists, no other
possible choices. Antichrist. The average
Atheist is forgiven for being ignorant of
Scripture as absent the considerations offered,
because they don't believe in any of it, fine.
But this thestoryofchristianity.com guy, suggests
he has given it some consideration, and has come
up with a website and books as continuous streams
of irrational fairy tail lemon drops just near
anyone would know to be as so if they were
honestly thinking. Even the studious Atheist,
that is honest with them Self, knows it isn't a
hidden fact that no one knows but the Father in
claim, yet, this jacket needs to not know that,
while he paints his hackneyed "Bible" version of
what he does not want his reader to honestly
conceive?.. Self promotional Atheists are
universally committed to naked censorship in my
personal experience, (you can't interpret
anything but what I've falsely absolutely
concluded.. nowordnowords) with very little of
rational skills they hide from as when free
speech reigns with a super dude like myself.
Despite how many convincing times singlely said
"absurdity" privately while repeating sourly on
their exercised greatness in a delusion of
superiority, to the immovable scientific facts
present here, one can not miss if they read a few
books on the subject. (let's all blame the idiot
box) (example: how many people even know what
Darwin’s book is all about? – not flunking many
I’ll tell you that all right now in America)
Atheists such as this, who speaks nothing present
for Justice all notice, will define absolutely
who "God" is as something not willing Freedom.
AS Weaker than their pathetic attempts at
convincing US that all reality without doubt is
to hide their personal cowardice of becoming true
men or women in this world. That which is true
of uncertainty in Life, is of a god's will for
personal liberty above all prized. Freedom is
Justice. Which when pressed, a foolish Atheist
could likely suggest is not of themselves. They
due tell 'God is this, God is that' but never
with themselves castigated as the dummy dummy.
"Duality" is the term, but it's meaning has been
somewhat skewn. I'm the Human. Fully. Johnny
Human, and your the freak of Nature. Welcome.
Your buying.

Please donate to our cause. Thanks.


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

"Christine O’Donnell is a Witch"

9/11 was an inside job. Hey! Being Satanic
is no crime, by itself when rights are
not infringed for further sacrifice,
but it does set something wrong to
know, how is it that these media
personalities don't acknowledge
that 9/11 was an inside job by
themselves either though? They
are US there. Do who wonder what? Let's
catch the criminals that did America
wrong, by reopening the investigations
with warranting public free international
discussions on how we progress here
in the civilized world to defend
ourselves. And as a consequence liberate
all of humanity in the effort as
a natural cause of effects. Like
returning our defrauded monies.
Justice is victory. We can do this.
Down with war criminals stealing
everything. Up with evidence to
form a conclusion as redimentary.

"Jewish" Society?


“I am in favor of a Jewish-Zionist State. I
defend what has been rightfully mine for ages. I
would even slaughter, not only abuse, the Arab
[Christians]” and the real Jews too

See? As a true Christian Jew Muslim dude, I
recognize these threats against innocent God
loving Peoples, are of the Satanically evil, just
as the Holy Bible describes. Who is a Jewish
Messiah? A murderous thief?, or a lover of
Justice as fair living?

America Is Going to Hell!! - Ha hA HAa haaaha

American “Christians” carrying placards and
yelling 'GOD IS A LIE' - Can You Believe It?

Eyewitness Missile hit Pentagon,
[bushmobbed] Government Confiscated 84 Camera Tapes

This shouldn't be a left wing right wing
thing to know, someone hasn't been entirely

David Cross on Conservatives

The Ideologues are committed to censorship to
protect their foolishness from being discovered.
They'll watch silently while innocent Peoples
fall victim, before going, 'hey! does anybody
have a good mind for this freedom stuff that we
should be showing respect for? as learning from
like kids do?' They know it all already,
governing is bad. Thus is why every last lawless
dictatorship is a abolitionist crack pot, You
can't speak freely [censorship is tyranny] group,
as Ideologued, who even like Hitler, would call
themselves "Socialists", or "Fascists". While
taking INNOCENT Peoples from towns, lining them
up, and shooting them into a ditch. Just as
Americans treat Afghanistan. Huh? The Bushite
liar bemoans while waving his hands, 'no way no
way' - disallowing the stories of legalizing
rape, or as innocent men women and children
kidnapped at random in Iraq as paid for by the
American Public. "Lawless" KBR Raping American
women with the TV pros as nothing to contribute?.
Or of the "freedom fighters" lining up INNOCENT
men and boys on a road tied to the ground, then
driving their GI jeeps over the innocent bodies
cheering for the Antichrist's escape as who did
truly 9/11. Pushing heroin right on to American
streets to earn felony convictions as the enemy.
Soldiers are being conned to die as the bad guys.
Or when in Iraq, grunts would trick children into
standing in front of an American tank, and then the
grunter would punch it, murdering the something
year old, while cheering in all likehood.
(Doc. "Why We Fight") Kill a Bushite, Christ says
always - they are not Justice fighters as escaping
for the mass murdering of our innocent Humanity,
as evil Nazi war criminals. Better our nations
should die in lawless tyranny censored from the
FACTS!?, than allow a hugely wise idea of Justice
actually prevailing for the good guys, as the
spoken fight with words to do what is right in
our names?, as Holy we do proclaim? To speak
freely for open national debate to earn Justice
by exposing how truly weak an Ideologued is who
refuses ourselves to follow probable cause to nab
the actual bad guys. True FREEDOM. Bush and
Cheney, the charge, Obstruction. As a Bonus, an
Ideologued who then can't hide the war criminals
will need to simply break out of their candy box
to witness a greater universe: Congressmen
collecting free health care for themselves, while
they blame the poor as disadvantaged, injured or
starving for our continuing downfalls without
fair coverage, is counter productive. Still
pending with the fix they said in the early 70's.
Example: "Americans" want to treat the grunts and
Congressmen special, they get universal health
care without a middle man, but you as an American,
you get cheated a fairer share to show who cares.
And a tea bagger gathered under the who ever what
ever is "Big" tent, there would be heard, "damn
right." But we've put near no math into the study
of our economics as fluent. It's a numbers game,
and as such, actually can be reasoned
effectively. Because we appear being the TV
blind as a doorknob on why Freedom is worth
defending - like playing US dumber than dumb on
that or something, that the yet, unknown truth
will never ever prevail over their, fooling near
no one, gibbering parade of Freedom not
willingers. Otherwise - Naturally, we'd be
knowing as a common understood fact; In 2010
while Bush was escaping for torture among other
things, we were paying the banksters near half of
our entire lives for no good reason but our
failures to effectively communicate. Canadians
still can't figure America's 'race is this race
is that' contusion, that we thought growing up
you guys got over somewhere in the early 1800's..
This isn't all knowing from God Speak, when it
comes to figuring out who pays for the negligence
of fair coverage.

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

So, the credit issued in loans is extended by
ourselves!, not the private bankster who does not
cover the loan, but yet They charge interest,
compounded Interest, demanding payment on Time,
or it's going to take our home then. . Never
taking risk itself through the so labored decades
perhaps on a loan the private bankster didn’t
cover never. It's for nothing but for our
sleepiness to know it as expensively wrong for
everyone being fooled here. But that aside to
this: We need to understand why bailing out
those committing ourselves Publicly to Toxic
'assets' to the tunes of tens of trillions taken,
needs to be understood for the collective good as
escaping massively epic fraud of the never seen
before kind. Trillions is a very very very big
price tag for getting what? Newman!> For we
together are being hustled as they were in Iraq
by the media masters of clever stupidity.
Criminal fraud leaves US as measured, ourselves
still losing due these growing costs. An NWO
Ideologue had suggested today, that the
government blindly, as our entirety, is bad without
question for officers, as something to only
appose, or, run to the hills to escape from
something. Instead, We need to restart criminal
investigations on the seriously treasonous crimes
of 9/11, along with these trillions dollar walk
away stings. Free talk with the facts in open
debate is all I am looking for here as leader of
the free world. Unlike what we are being as
served Master. I can explain everything. Count
You in! Justice is Victory. Now, back to the
stars of our show, the Peoples with the top
priority info on where we are today as could be
going, The Information Junkies. Keep up the good
work everyone. See? All it is for freedom to
express, is that we know, we are the People, we
are the Government. There is no on off switch
for Justice, but the Ideologued doesn't will that
kinda control as anyone, for, it is beyond...
their... minds.... but for maybe that strange
goblin Prisonplanet has being covering..

'Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate'


That, no Justice present haggle, is hard for
anyone to accept without challenge. His lunacy
seems surreal in it's perceived hugely easy shut
down blabbercide from across the hills, (as maybe
something lost in translations), but without a
Justice granted as a freedom bestowed, who the
loser does this guy unknowingly take himself for?
Counterplot? Who knows.. But his words
apparently true as a, "screw you" everyone kind
of a brey. And to who does that consideration
extend to, where it would not be impossible to
grade his view to any still listening? Who would
care? Like, who does he think he's talking to
here about ending life for profiting his ultimate
retirement plan away from it all? The guy could
be an insane person planning global suicide, to
do us all in like a Republican, or a tyranical
minded lunatic of misfortune, who has no real
respect given for true interest...
Or, maybe he forgot to take a pill? Or, is the
world this lost without myself to go, hey hoe no
way we’re here to try something good instead, you
losers. Freedom is Justice. God is Great.

To brighten the place up some, clear the cob
webs.. Man, I am good.

..and we'll be back after this short message.

From Mohamed’s 'must read' book, Genesis (very quiet drum roles..)

001:011 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb
yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his
kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

See? That's as true today, as the day is night
someplace, and.. See? It's like a doorway into
imaginations of incredible possibilities man..
I'm just saying.. Legalize Pot! Or
decriminalize, what ever it takes.

aeeeiihhhhyeeeeh, back to square one:

The Tea Bagger's Tea Bagger?

"One of my first dates with a witch was on a
satanic altar, and I didn't know it. I mean,
there's little blood there and stuff like that,"
she said.

The blood of an innocent American infant ugly
evil demon nazi crant? Can't you just wait until
the demon whore of Satan comes to her rescue to
tell how screwing anyone in a Satanic cult covered
in the blood of American innocents for Zionism is
what all the greatest of TV Elites pay homage to
without thinking? Bushite "I don't care."

"Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO

It only has to do with a threat to all American
life, and CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS doesn't believe
it's newsworthy, do You?

Thimerosal [Hg] Accumulates in Rat Brains, Study Reveals

Millions of American children.

Vaccines, GMO's, and Viruses

Obama Admin: 'For the seafood to pose a health risk'

Obama Admin: For the seafood to pose a health
risk, the food would have to be heavily
contaminated with oil, and would therefore have a
strong odor and taste of oil.

While GOD WILLS the war criminals hunted down to
the ends of Earth to be formally Publically TV
tried for exection by the Patriots for war crime
thieving, torturing, and mass murdering. Real
Patriots, not the 'big government' cult that
forbids the intelligent defense of following
probable cause to arrest the actual bad guys.
Not the "globalists", the actual for real
criminals. Starting with Zionist Bush and Cheney
for 911, and Zionist Obama for extortion, funding
terrorism for Nazi Israel and Saudi Arabia, and
attempting the first degree murder of innocent
Americans. And those 30 Republican/Conservatives
for the gang rapings of American Women should
have every real man demanding their immediate
arrest for KBR GANG RAPE. Corporate America has
never mentioned the 30 demons as important to
identify.. So, what kind of Nazi Amerikan haters
of Justice does that bring? Corporate whores do
us little good being ambivalent about Bush
closing 911 Police investigations, so pray tell,
how will we ever get the actual bad guys until we
reopen the case, with honorable soldiers gunning
for free speech rights against who disagree on
freely communicating the FACTS with Justice
winning our Liberties as a strong word or two on
the subject, plus more?

To All Men

"Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an
IED...you kill every motherfucker in the street,"

Kill a Bushite for Christ.

'Deficit Too Large to Pay Unemployment INSURANCE Benefits'
'Republicans agree that tax cuts don't have to be paid for'

Republicans are evil leeches, (vampires, ect.) feeding
to kill America.


/ / “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]
Special Agents acting under border search
authority may search, detain, seize, retain, and
share electronic devices, or information
contained therein, with or without individualized
suspicion \ \

"individualized" - What? Huh? Who? Magic?

Err, no they can't, for that would be the
crime of theft.

"Intelligence Chief"


/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States? of whose America?

AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
People are crooks? Many crooks are titled
Jewish too, sure, but not the other way
around where the bad guys scott free with
our values.

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Nazi Israeli Guns Down an Innocent Unknown

"Iyad As’ad Shelbaya, a known Hamas leader,"

But he is not. I never ever heard of him, nor
has the entire Internet since yesterday. And,
what was the charge he personally was guilty of,
that they needed to be so reciprocal against a
concentration death camp? Listen: When Satanic
Nazi Israel broke the truce with Humanity and
burned our children alive as targeted on purpose,
while murdering at least (their numbers) 239 of
our Police Officers trying to defend the
community, they would contact member's of Hamas
at their homes to let them know when they would
be striking, so they could leave to a safe place
avoiding the conflict. Remember: Hamas is
funded by Nazi Israel OPENLY, to cause division
among the illiterate hordes, while executing
innocent Palestinians for something only a
Zionist could conclude falsely as warranting. A
liar, a murderer. The trouble we have with these
Zionist demons, is your TV Rightard mind will
refuse to except this as Gospel. Even if I give
you the press reports of resigned Officers
confessing to just as much, or show their Nazi
prisons filled with honest Israelis, imprisoned
for simply refusing to commit a criminal offense
against an innocent other. It is an ungodly
"law" in Israel to agree to steal a Christ like
Home and their possessions, or go to jail, do not
pass go. God calls it Satanic, I call it
Satanic, Moses does not approve with Abraham, but
you, little you, swimming in doubt, go where on
TV there? In this turmoil of challenging eternal
confusion, your expected to forget to care for
those Christian children targeted on purpose by
ungodly Nazi Israeli, ON PURPOSE, who as SATANIC,
started the conflict by breaking the Truce with
an action they titled "Cast Lead", casting the
direct first degree mass murder leads, against
children they willfully gathered, and then set on
fire. Can you hear us now? Or! those 239
Police Officers that uruknet has photos of, if
you can bare to look at this great sorrow brought
against ourselves by escaping super evil Zionist
war criminals hidden by the scope of the magic
'all seeing' TV box of corporate degenerates
selling our, bartered in their name glorious
wonders. To know: This is the "hidden" Satanic
works of AIPAC, and their diabolical control over
the American soul terrorizing through national
syndication, the willful silence against these
un-addressed continuing war crimes in our dying
names as the less thans. Christ says no more.
No more. Support our rise to popular acclaim in
my name of John I do say. The truth must will
over the lies of the bad guys who hide in the
darkness to pretend they are our friends on equal
terms. While they rob US blind a Life and Home.
U.S.S. Liberty. Please support Justice for our
says, and make your rightful claim, in this
frame. (hint: this is big)

Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

God calls it Satanic, I call it Satanic, Moses
does not approve as yogh!’s brother Abraham, but
you, little you swimming in doubt, go where on TV
there? Let's Defend America by demanding Justice
for 9/11. Those who would say otherwise in TV
censorship, to escape the heinous culprits of the
mass murders, should be thought to act, very
un-American in a free to speak world of
Liberation from Tyranny.

"Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied his Rifle into a
Palestinian Schoolgirl"

Remember, it thought the girl was ten years old
before pulling the American paid for trigger.

PAYING ISRAEL TO SPY ON YOU… [declaring the innocent for

Bomb-Plot Witness Says FBI Sent Him to Terrorist Camp

Jeeze.. we gotta get the cops on this. Someone
called we, the media, as abling ourselves to get
to the meat of this situation. For, it appears
we have some, I say a small some of "FBI"
actually al-Qaeda trying to kill innocent Jews!
American Jews. Or when they sent the Anthrax
against any as all Postal workers. A bushite
won't traverse here because it's a nazi coward,
but real men will rise to the challenge if we
could freely communicate REAL JUSTICE for our
time. Let's not allow these bomb plotting
terrorists to walk freely out of that Public
Court proceeding back onto our American streets
as they usually do to murder innocent others
absent the LORD, okay? You know, having a King
on the scene could be a greatly good thing.
I'm just saying..

CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports – Ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages
From H1N1 Vaccine

Jeeze.. we gotta get the cops on this.

U.S. Drug Firm Penalized $300 Million for Criminal Actions

/ / promoting an antidepressant to children \ \

Jeeze, I was on that. However I demanded ten
year prison terms, looks like these
trillioniares(?) are going to get off with a
small fine, and a promise to continue on? Well,
it still was a good job done well by our Police
services, taking action against these monsters in
our midst. Imagine, giving American infants
antidepressants? No prison time? Why?

Broke Towns Can’t Afford to Drug Constituents with Fluoride

Maybe as a funny consequence People will wake up
and realize we're being drugged and left for
dead. Few would be laughing though..

"Israel OKs US ‘Gift’ of Billions of Dollars in Warplanes"


This is Explains the Million Man Terror List


/ / Group Demands Investigation into DHS, Long
History of Labeling Americans as Terrorists
(Israeli Company Used) \ \ gays, smart folks who
read books, and those with a command of their
faculties. Those who Empathize. Israeli are
anti-Jewish evil Nazi bastards of Satan. Or, the
bad guys in the X-Men. Just as explained in
Scriptures, or stories by Stan. Boo. Yes, it's
true, I am what is referred to as a man. That's
right. A man from a time where being as such
really meant something good. As mythical Boy
Wonder, I would suggest closing Homlund Skirty by
rightly seizing everything there as evidence for
FBI indictments of high treason, including,
spying for a foreign power. Plus the deliberate
false accusations created quite an expense for
everyone concerned. Billions and billions of Tax
dollars from last I read. Wasted Police
services, yes redrawn off following leads at
major Zionist crime scenes, yes, but also jamming
up the lines at the airport.. oh.. am I finally
getting the selfish American "Patriot" spirit
jerked into a miff? Well, it's about time.
We've only had several million People so far
indiscriminately mass murdered, the world
poisoned, and trillions plundered, but, well,
better late than never. Welcome to the Cause of
Man. Send this post to whom you believe should
be concerned. Just be it.


Mr. Bush closed 911 investigations and claimed
if we weren't with him blindly to mass murder
millions indiscriminately as the established
COMPLETELY INNOCENT, we were therefore to only
be, with the Terrorists of 911 apposing torture,
high taxes, or Banjo playing at 4 am, without any
distinctions drawn. Can you hear me now? Does
the truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen
son or daughter for stolen profits? How about a
country? Art Bell thinks so, as he has said as
much without a Johnny Justice broadcasting yet.
Let's Change things better, by speaking out for
Justice today as tomorrow and beyond for our

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


Israel Blocks Noam Chomsky Speech

Can't compete as the ungodly, so need to
advance those who speaks truths, shouldn't
be communicating, otherwise, we'd all
be hunting the Zionist down to the ends
of their war crimes for fair to us
prosecutions that benefit us all. Christ,
I am a Jew, and Zionist liars are our
enemy who steal, rape, mass murder ect..


Obama "I will not walk away from this fight."

Talking on how his "America" has plenty of south
African death squad goons who are into killing
Niggers, Or Uzbek Christian Muslim Jew murderers,
ungodly Saudi fundamentalist crazy persons? why
not, who'll be happy to become "American" to
"fight" for his criminal cause if the price is
right. It's only at the cost of taxing all of
American. You know, my friends, I really do
believe Obama has stepped over a line here, not
providing his Birth right as American, to make
such decisions as the "Democratic Party" in our
Names contrary to American values, but that is
just me..

"Birthers"! Hey, you know when I.. Never mind..
Where is?. .Obama's. credentials?

Obama's US Court OKs Torture and “Extraordinary Rendition”

I've written on this. It is a war crime
warranting death. Please defend America.


43.6 Million Americans Living In Poverty

Did you know that "Poverty" in America is when
you earn $21,900 as a family of four before
taxes? Now, everyone of the developed world who
doesn't know, rent for a small bachelor apartment
in Manhattan for individuals who are COMPLETELY
Bagger's brightest Scott Brown would leave not
paying taxes whatsoever) costs about $18,000 a
month. In California, as like many of the
southern States (Commie Pinko Alex Jones would
tell as the best in the world), many People can
not afford a phone, electricity, or water because
the Publicly paid for companies have been often
out-right stolen by a Republican Conservative
'Tea Bagger' for nickels on the dollar. I know,
I know, who cares right? Americans refuse to
forward my words to defend their own dying
selves. It's a TV nation comprised of almost
entirely bigots. At AJ's website, they'd never
know this. Why? They don't seem to really care.
AJ has gold, so.. who banking cares for the
plight of the little guy right? 'The Best in the
World'. You should have heard Alex shut down a
caller who's brother was expected to die because
the family co