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2013-11-22 12:41:02 UTC
PORT-AU-PRINCE.—President Michel Joseph Martelly of the Republic of Haiti
received on October 24 Esteban Lazo Hernández, President of the Cuban
National Assembly of People's Power, who was on an official visit to the

Lazo talks to a Haitian patient about the quality of attention of the Cuban
medical teams.

During their exchange, Lazo confirmed that the objective of his stay in
Haiti was to evaluate cooperation between the two nations and consolidate
bilateral relations.

In this context, he affirmed that the Cuban government and people are going
to take new steps "little by little," to help this sister people more.

He commented that he had found a nation which is changing, with more order
and new achievements, particularly from the social point of view, for which
he congratulated the Haitian leader.

He added that he was aware of many programs in operation linked to the
reconstruction of Haiti, implemented by the government to the benefit of the


During a meeting with Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, Lazo affirmed
that Cuba and Haiti are united by history.

The Haitian Premier highlighted the importance of Cuban collaboration in key
sectors such as health and the environment and confirmed his interest in
strengthening integration.

For his part, Lazo evoked the thinking and action of Fidel and Raúl who, he
said, have a firm commitment to help Haiti, insisting on unity as essential
for the future of Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

Lazo, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party, honored
the heroes of Haitian independence, by placing a wreath in the National
Pantheon Museum.

The occasion was moreover, a propitious one for the National Assembly
President to be shown a bronze bust of Cuban National Hero José Martí, which
is to be placed in a plaza in the northern city of Cap Haïtien.

Lazo observed that the sculpture reflects the friendship, solidarity and
sisterhood between Cuba and Haiti, and constitutes one more impulse to
continue developing them.

In the morning, the National Assembly President talked with cooperative
workers in the various sectors of the Cuban State Mission and toured the
Renaissance Community Reference Hospital.

He was interested to see the quality of service provided in the facility, to
learn the number of daily outpatients and those undergoing surgery, as well
as the relationship between Haitian and Cuban personnel working at the

Lazo insisted on the need to preserve the hospital’s achievements and to
continue working to increase them
2013-11-22 13:04:10 UTC
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